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          Sabot Starter Kit

Sabot Starter Kit

          Sabot Starter Kit
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    Starter Kit includes 

100 Sabots, The Sabot    Seating die, and Free     Printable reloading data.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is a sabot?

See sabot information page for full details.

2. Why do I need a sabot seating die?

Seating bullets in a sabot requires a different technique than most reloaders are familiar with. This special two piece seating die has a plastic sabot holder, shaped similar to a shell holder, a bullet seater that looks like a threaded 0.85 X 2.2 inch plastic rod with a 1/8 inch hole drilled through the middle. The seating die is required for consistent seating of bullets into the sabots. Accuracy requires consistency!

3. How do you use the sabot seating die?

The rod is screwed into the reloading press like a reloading die. The sabot holder is snapped into the ram of the reloading press, replacing the conventional shell holder. A sabot is inserted into the sabot holder and a bullet is inserted into the mouth of the sabot. The loading press ram is slowly raised until the tip of the bullet enters the center hole of the seating rod. Raising the loading press ram further, centers the bullet and pushes the bullet into the sabot. Screwing the seating rod up or down in the loading press controls the bullet seating depth. All bullets must be seated to the bottom of the sabot.

4. Is there any thing I need to do to prepare my gun to fire sabots?

Before firing sabot rounds out of any gun , clean the copper and lead fouling out of the barrel. If you don"t accuracy will suffer.

5. Are there any safety issues I should know about?

Never fire sabot ammo in guns that have muzzle breaks. Premature flowering in the break could act as a barrel obstruction. 

6. What benefits will I see from using sabots?

We have observed several advantages when using sabot ammunition. The muzzle velocity of the bullet is substantially increased due to less drag during  expansion of the barrel. The life of the gun barrel is greatly enhanced as the sabot resin material causes less frictional wear against the riflings. In addition , barrel riflings do not build up copper or lead residues from bullets as there is no physical contact with the barrel during expansion. You will also notice less recoil and flatter trajectory. Great for target shooting or small game hunting.


A varmints worst nightmare!


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Sabot results, sabot pictures, and other information provided on this website are derived from the writings and test results of experienced reloaders. Sabots used for sabot slugs and sabot bullets are made from injection moulded polycarbonate plastic. The sabot slug offers a faster flatter trajectory than ammo fired without sabots.
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