Sabot Starter Kit

Sabot Starter Kit

          Sabot Starter Kit
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    Starter Kit includes 

100 Sabots, The Sabot    Seating die, and Free     Printable reloading data.

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The More You Save!

Free reloading data for sabot ammunition.
Click the RED caliber links to the RIGHT for reloading data.

Click the RED caliber links to the RIGHT for reloading data.

   Ammunition reloading can be a fun and exciting hobby especially when you are using quality reloading supplies and the correct reloading tools. Please remember to keep safety in mind when you are reloading ammunition. Follow all manufacturer specifications and directions when using reloading products and reloading data. Load and test several different loads to see which preforms the best in your gun.

 Please read this disclaimer.
      This reloading data was developed from "load from a disk 1 " by Wayne Blackwell.  Since the author has no control over components, equipment, and methods used, no responsibility is implied or assumed for results obtained through it's use. This data is for informational, non commercial use only.

CAUTION! Cartridges loaded with sabots must not be used in guns that have a muzzle break. Bullets can turn sideways before exiting a muzzle break and can result in the bullet exiting from the side.  This loading data is computer generated and is to be used as a reference when working up a load. 



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Sabot results, sabot pictures, and other information provided on this website are derived from the writings and test results of experienced reloaders. Sabots used for sabot slugs and sabot bullets are made from injection moulded polycarbonate plastic. The sabot slug offers a faster flatter trajectory than ammo fired without sabots.
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